Hem is a proud member of a close-knit global design community and honored to partner with uniquely talented craftsmen, artisans and manufacturers across Europe, including several of the countries now hit the zhardest by COVID-19. Many of our manufacturing partners are family-run, independent workshops that have mastered their craft for generations and rely heavily on just a few local customers. As the effects of COVID-19 spread around the world, these workshops are now facing severe uncertainty. 

While Hem itself is an independent design brand, we have so far been able to weather the storm, so as we’ve seen demand grind to a near halt in some markets, we’ve thought hard about what we can do to support our manufacturing community and ensure that they have the orders to sustain their business as soon as it’s safe to get back to work.

In order to get product moving and make sure that those manufacturers that rely on Hem stay afloat, all of our proceeds will go directly into placing new orders with the partners that rely on us the most. It is these manufacturers that infuse the durability and ​longevity ​that are at the heart of every Hem product - we could not do what we do without them, and they need the support now more than ever.

Hem very rarely does site-wide sales, but this moment demands a difference. 

Starting Thursday, 26th March and lasting for one week, we will offer 20% off all items. To add the discount to your order, add TWENTY at check-out. 

Shipping is free – now and always.

The offer is not combinable with other discounts and applies to new orders only.