Keep stacking with Touchwood!


Nature holds the key to our aesthetic satisfaction. Yet, modern life demands functionality. The Touchwood chair aims to synthesize the two. Its Norwegian designer, Lars Beller Fjetland’s, believes that humans benefit from daily interaction with natural materials. Therefore, it is crafted entirely from ash and is free of any extraneous components. Its minimal Scandinavian charm draws the eye and the subtly curved seat provides comfort.


Scandinavian partners in crime: Touchwood chair and Bento dinner table. The fine details of the Touchwood chair in black.


Sitting right at the crossroads between form and function, Touchwood is characterised by a minimal, thin, elastic body and an ergonomic grip to enhance movement in space. Made with a wood with the best strength to weight ratio around – the stackable, easily storable chair is available in a harmonious and versatile colour palette, which highlight the vitality of the wood grain and create a contemporary, relaxed statement.


Mix and match your Touchwood chairs for the perfect table setup. Here pictured with the Alle Dining Table.


Lars Beller Fjetland grew up on the west coast of Norway, where his enthusiasm for design was matched by a fascination with nature. His work is shaped by those two qualities, marrying traditional Scandinavian design with the random beauty of nature.