The Alle Side Table being assembled at Hem R&D Workshop 


Oak – king of the woods!

Beautiful and durable – Oak holds a special place in our hearts. From the bent curves of Lars Beller Fjetland's Drifted collection, to the milled solid table-top beauty of Staffan Holm's Alle table, the no-nonsense versatility of Oak is timeless and will last a lifetime.




Walnut – wood galore!

It would be hard to overstate Walnut’s popularity among woodworkers. Its cooperative working characteristics, coupled with its rich brown coloration puts the wood in a class by itself. Discover the alluring material with Gemma Holt's jewellery box, or Nao Tamura's pebble-shaped Sasso serving trays.



Ash – strength and elegance!

The muted tones of Ash is a favorite with interior designers. The wood lends itself perfectly to lamination - a technique introduced by early modernists, where thin layers of veneer are glued and pressed in a mold. The result is lightweight, thin and extremely strong. Discover Hallgeir Homstvedt's Pal stool or Lars Beller Fjetland's Touchwood chair – both prime example of the refinement of laminated ash.