It’s that time of year again; the clocks went back long ago, and everyone is still joyful from holidays filled with long winter walks and warm nights by the fire. With the shortest day just passed, the precious winter light begins to make magic with the objects it falls upon. Shadows lengthen, and sharp contrasts appear as the sun plays with the passage of time.

In celebration of this luminous period, we have taken four of our dearest pieces and framed them in its momentary rays.

Brendan Austin


Recline in comfort and recover from the festivities.

Hai Chair Ink

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Get organised and take stock of the year in a cosy corner.

Hide Pedestal Rust Red

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Enjoy a quiet moment on this bent beechwood beauty.

Udon Chair Natural Beech

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Add shine to your interiors with polished copper.

Last Stool Copper

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The Winter Light Edit Collection