With Christmas around the corner we'll unveil a series of carefully picked Hem items every week to help you make your Christmas unforgettably stylish.

No. 4 – The exclusive Hem Gift Card


Still looking for the perfect Christmas present? We've got you covered.
The new Hem Gift Cards feel nice, look nice and are also a unique gift
alternative for the hesitant shoppers.



Our Hem Gift Cards are handcrafted in an artisan print shop in Stockholm.
Made of Soft White Cotton Paper, they are refined by Gold Foil, using the traditional hot foiling printing method. Each one of them come in a translucent envelope, providing a festive unwrapping experience to your special ones.


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No. 3 – Square Throw by Arthur Arbesser



"My Square Throws for Hem are the perfect christmas gift because they combine quality, usefulness, coziness and beauty. There is a fitting color for everybody and simply no-one resists snuggling up on a sofa under a soft throw! Merry Christmas!"

– Arthur Arbesser


No one dreams up a statement piece like Milan-based fashion designer Arthur Arbesser. Driven by contemporary architecture, the Square Throws are a vibrant take on a classic jacquard pattern. Luxuriously cosy, made with superfine 100% New Zealand lambswool.

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No. 2 – Landmarks Bookends by Klemens Schillinger


"The Landmarks are objects that can stand alone as decorative pieces or hold other items. The pyramid bookends are the perfect accessory for book lovers – who are very likely to get lots of books for Christmas. Also the material and shapes of the landmarks collection (not least because of its reference of architectural landmarks) have a timeless quality, welcoming to be used for a long time, which i think is a perfect ingredient
for a good present."

– Klemens Schillinger

An architectural twist on functional accessories, reimagined in stylish concrete. Subtle in colour but crisp in form, Klemens Schillinger’s Landmarks collection evokes a certain understated cool. Perfect for those who want dimensions to rule style: each step is an extruded offset of the footprint that comes before it. The Landmarks bookends (a sturdy set of two) are available in pastel green, anthracite, or light grey.

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No. 1 – Turned Birds by Lars Beller Fjetland

"The sheer idea of making something out of nothing always fascinated me. Every Turned is meticulously constructed from discarded pieces of leftover wood; adding value and a whole lot of character to the end product. It is the perfect Christmas present to someone with a big heart for Mother Nature."

– Lars Beller Fjetland

The adorable wooden Turned Birds by Norwegian Designer Lars Beller Fjetland are the perfect giveaway for every bird-lover. With Fjetland’s twin obsessions—nature and sustainability— he brings these charming little things to life by hand-turning pieces of leftover mahogany, oak, walnut, ash and maple.


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To boost your christmas spirit we have asked our newsletter featured Hem designers to put together an exclusive selection of their favorite Hem Christmas Gifts. Each one of them chose their Top 5 Hem Gifts, that we've put together in our Designers Gift Collection


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