Hem Pro is our dedicated tool for interior professionals to browse our products, place orders with trade pricing, and get access to real time inventory. The intuitive platform builds upon Hem’s commitment to being an exclusively online retailer, allowing one to place a contract order online in minutes. Create your space with Hem products at pro.hem.com.







 "The design and quality of our products make us popular with interior professionals. Motivated by the contract market’s great demand for Hem products, we created a platform that goes further than being a one-stop shop. It’s a place to get strategies and be inspired for all types of interior projects."

– Petrus Palmér, Hem Founder 



Clients such as Uber and Artsy have already experienced the convenience of Hem. Most recently Everlane, a San Francisco based online retailer of responsibly sourced fashion, expanded their office into a 1920’s laundry facility next door. Keeping in theme with their principle of transparency, there are no closed-off offices, cubicles, or conference rooms. Hem falls right in step with Everlane with its range of approachable and open furnishings.


All photographs taken by Carlo Chavarría