September 21 2022
Photography Martin Brusewitz

With Spill Kitchen Paper Holder, Alfred Sahlén created an object that is both highly practical as well as strikingly fun to have around. With its hand-poured and finished aluminum foot at its foundation and a recessed pine wood stick at its core, Spill is robust yet creates a must-have moment for your dining table. The piece comes in either an orange or blue stain.

Curated by Arranging Things, Spill Kitchen Paper Holder comes in a hand-signed limited edition of 60, made exclusively for Hem.

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Tell us about the making of Spill.

It started with the will to explore what you could do with the materials and techniques used and learned at my day job set in an industrial environment. I was trying to discover how I could bring the feeling of nice, cold, shiny metal into the warmth of my home.



How did you generate your idea for the piece?

When Arranging Things reached out to me, I already had a direction for Spill Kitchen Paper Holder. I have always been intrigued by the idea of juxtaposing warm and cold. In this case metal and wood or say cold material in a warm room.


How is the Spill made and what was your challenge?

When Making Spill I had to figure out a way to melt the aluminum at 660° and shape the form of the base. Then I had to combine them with a pine pin in a way to make it both practical and beautiful and I think I succeeded in the end. They are both and I use mine everyday.

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