March 23 2022
Photography: Martin Brusewitz

Designed and hand-made by Jonatan Nilsson, Power Plinth is a confident statement piece unlike any other. This chunky, pearlescent, silvery plinth is made from resin-covered styrofoam and mirror acrylic sheets, juxtaposing density and porosity, embodying the artist's curiosity for materials.

Curated by Arranging Things, Power Plinth comes in a hand-signed limited edition of 35, made exclusively for Hem.

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Did you have a specific inspiration for the Power Plinth?

I had already made a similar pedestal before using laser cut aluminum as material. So that was kind of a model for this piece. However, using completely different materials demanded a new approach, but I think that the result was successful, something of an upgrade from the original piece in aluminum.

How do you kick-start your design process? 

My process is generally quite straightforward and practical. It usually starts with me sitting in my studio drawing. While doing so, I tend to have a material or a manufacturing method in mind so that what I draw has a connection to reality in some way.


Explain the Power Plinth, have you used these manufacturing methods and materials previously?

The bottom part of the pedestal is made out of styrofoam that I cut out and glue together with hot melt glue. The styrofoam is then coated with resin, and finally spray painted. This is a technique I’ve developed and use frequently. The top part is made out of laser cut acrylic with a mirror surface. The most challenging thing was to make 35 identical pieces. Because of the technique used they all differ slightly from each other, but that is also part of the charm with this process. 

Did you have a specific environment in mind when you were designing the piece?

I do like the dynamic between a pedestal and what you chose to place upon it. I often find myself spending an hour or two rearranging things in my living room, trying to achieve perfect harmony or something. So, what do you combine this pedestal with, I think that is interesting.


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