September 21 2022
Photography Martin Brusewitz

Globos Neon, designed by Josefin Eklund, is a brilliant synergy of color and light that carries itself as a stand-alone sculpture or as the captivating ambient light in any room. Colored glass pipes are hand-blown into playful balloon-like shapes and mounted on an aluminum backing, making it an object that is both visually striking and remarkably versatile. Globos Neon comes in two sizes and is delivered with a power transformer with either a EU or US power plug.

Curated by Arranging Things, Globos Neon comes in a hand-signed limited edition of 26, made exclusively for Hem.

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How was it working with Hem X?

The collaboration has been very easy, fun and exciting. I was briefed to design a smaller neon light object to keep a certain measurement, easy to use and to send worldwide and to look a bit edgy aka not too cute.

Did you have a specific inspiration for this design?

I wanted to make something bold, but still comfortable to be around and put up in a home. With that in mind, I have chosen the color combinations and shapes of the tubes carefully.


How do you start on a new piece like this?

I actually started with the practical things I had to keep in mind, like the size and that it should be easy to use, as neon often is very fragile and can be a bit tricky to mount. So I had to make objects that would be ready to use from the start. The process takes a couple of weeks to design and then a few extra weeks for my glassblower to make.


Explain the process of creating this product, have you used these manufacturing methods and materials previously?

I start by designing a lot of different versions, usually 20 different ones that I sketch on my iPad, followed by a physical sketch on paper in scale 1:1. When I have decided on the design, my neon glassblower takes over to make the actual pieces. These glass tubes are all blown by hand, pumped with neon or argon gas, which has the characteristic to light up when coming in contact with electricity. Later, the tubes are connected in series with cables and then put on a background, in this case we used brushed aluminum plates. This is a new and unique exploration for me.


Did you have a specific environment in mind when you were designing the piece?

I usually make big installations for offices or buildings, but in this case it was going to be used in people's homes. I thought of a typical Scandinavian home, where people often are afraid to use colors, where this piece can claim space and make the environment a bit more exciting and vibrant.

How do you feel this piece fits within your existing body of work?

I feel like these pieces fit good within my exciting body of work as they are both abstract and colorful, but I was challenged to make a new kind of product and I am very proud of the outcome! 

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