Oct 19 2021
Photography: Erik Wåhlström

Everyone loves a good, fluffy monster. This Fall, we’re unveiling the Monster Collection, including fluffy mohair throws and hand-knotted soft wool rugs, marking our first collaboration with Swedish artist and illustrator Siri Carlén.

Having grown up with a mother who works with textiles, Siri has always been very familiar with the industry’s techniques, but has now honed her expertise with the Monster Collection, which she says was “an obsessive journey with much research and development to discover the perfect materials, techniques and applications”. Finding inspiration from animal prints her “messy and imprecise” shapes scribbled in pastel crayons portrayed a texture reminiscent of fur making the transformation from paper to textile an obvious choice. 

“Nature is always my biggest source of inspiration. I’m obsessed with its markings and colors but particularly fascinated by animal prints evolved to camouflage, confuse, or attract. It’s really this fascination that lies behind the Monster patterns I’ve created with Hem. Another source of inspiration is craft and material, and I find traditional techniques like Shibori among the most beautiful things mankind has created.” – Siri Carlén, artist and illustrator

“Siri’s work brings warmth and personality to our collection. I love the fact that we’re launching textiles together as I think Siri’s colors and graphics lend themselves especially well to texture. Siri is one of those artists that lives and breathes creativity. There’s very little hesitation or angst in her work, and to me that reflects the progressive and joyful spirit that I associate with Hem.”
– Petrus Palmér, Hem Founder & CEO

This idea directed the choices of the “highly textured and hairy qualities” of the throws and rugs. The
Monster Throws are made of exclusive mohair for the Monster Rugs we’re using an unusually long pile heights of 100% new wool, giving them a shaggy yet lustrous look bearing resemblance to that of a monster.

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