Summerhouses are tradition in Sweden, where the residents, cooped up during the dark winter months, want to celebrate the great outdoors and enjoy the all too brief precious sun-filled days in the countryside. Located three hours north of Stockholm, surrounded by silver birch and pine trees on an isolated 2000 square meter plot, is the Dalarna House.

The Palo Corner Sofa and Alle Coffee Table The Arch Throw

The architects created the house divided into two sections; one for living, the other for sleeping. The house was specifically designed on a North to South axis so that the homeowners thus can have the morning sun at breakfast and as the day goes on can enjoy the sunset from the master bedroom.


The Hai Chair, Palo Corner SofaAll Wood StoolAlle Coffee Table and Melange Cushion Medium


The Kenno Throw


A mix of sliders and fixed glass was used throughout the house and every bedroom has access to the outside, allowing everyone to go straight from the bedroom to the lake. The living room, dining area and kitchen are fused together, where the brick clad fireplace makes the focal point.



Photographer: James Silverman