19-23rd May –
Installation at WeWork Bryant Park

Last week Hem hosted an installation entitled Study for Screens, made in collaboration with designer Philippe Malouin, for NYCxDesign 2017 at WeWork Bryant Park Office in New York.
The project explored screen solutions in a series of visual notes, or three-dimensional sketches on what it means to separate space.



The installation was accompanied by Hems latest design collection of furniture and objects alongside Malouin’s screens, featuring names such as Max Lamb, Pauline Deltour, Luca Nichetto, Staffan Holm, Sylvain Willenz and Karoline Fesser.


18th May – 
Opening event and panel discussion

On last Thursdays night, Hem founder Petrus Palmér, Brittney Hart of WeWork and designer Philippe Malouin had a talk, which was streamed live from New York.
Dezeen founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs was hosting this panel discussion, which explored how workplace design is changing in a digital age where nomadic working is becoming the norm.


"The need for traditional office furniture is changing as workspaces increasingly cater to creative, independent professionals, as a young design company serving both residential and commercial clients, hem witnesses, and drives this shift from a cubicle-centered environment to a label-defying, home-like workspace."

– Petrus Palmér




8-16th May – 
Sculpting Screens in the Studio



For this visual research project, the London-based designer set up temporary residency in New York 10-days prior the opening. He created a range of in total 13 screens addressing elements such as texture, color, light refraction and reflection, soundproofing, flexibility, weight and chose a selection installed at WeWork Bryant Park, since May 18th.

"If you want to generate ideas it's a very good idea to start making things out of any available material and try to experiment with as many themes ands concepts as you can."
– Philippe Malouin


Together with his assistant and photographer, Guglielmo Brambilla, he documented the creation process that Hem published in a limited-edition journal available for visitors of the installation.