During New York design week, we met up with Creative Director PieterJan Mattan at his ever-changing home, located in the vibrant district of Tribeca.

The Belgium-native, New York-based creative director, uses his home as a lens for self-expression. Entering his apartment is a journey between inspiration, collection of memories and unexpected elements from his previous design works.


Key Side Table, Minimal Vase and Landmarks Bookstands Verso Shelf in Black Green

PJ Mattan in his living room featuring Koti Sofa, Alle Coffee Table, Last Stools, Sasso Tray, Storm Cushions, Brick Throw and Pal Stool.


To me, a home is never done or ready,” Mattan says.
“The way it is today is different from the way it was when we shot it and the week before that it was different again.”


Pal Stool and Last Stool Sasso Trays on Alle Coffee Tables
Roulé Tray, Brick Throw and Last Stool Splatter


The best way to keep up with PJ’s playful environment is to follow him on Instagram where he aesthetically curates his interior and his ever-growing collection of furniture, plants and design objects.

This home story was shot by photographer Brian W. Ferry and previously appeared on Sight Unseen.