The elemental block-like form of the Hunk Lounge Chair is made entirely from natural materials and creates an elegant balance between crisp lines & a super-soft finish of bouclé textile. Shop the collection to see how we style the Hunk Lounge Chair & take home your favorites.

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In the studio: Kwangho Lee

The Hunk Lounge Chair and Glyph Side Table, mark our first collaboration with Seoul-based designer Kwangho Lee. The elemental block-like form of the Hunk Chair is a ground-breaking construction made entirely from natural materials, while the Glyph Side Tables are like small sculptures punctuating a living space. The Hunk Chair and Glyph Side Tables are both an elegant balance of soft curves and crisp lines, available in a range of different colors, and can be mixed and matched together!

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Hem X Gustav Winsth:
Design on Acid

Acid Vase, by Gustav Winsth, is more than just a pretty face. The three smiley welded lines holding the aluminum pieces together, are carrying the smart feature of both keeping your flowers and water in place. Anodized in acid generating its striking lime color, Acid Vase sits on a terrazzo concrete foot, making it a sturdy showstopper to your space.

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Sneak Peeking Puffy

The Puffy Lounge Chair, designed by Faye Toogood, is the first introduction of Hem’s Puffy seating collection, which will encompass a range of chair and stool products, offering a tactile new take on the enduring concept of steel-framed furniture.

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