Kendo Swivel Chair 4-star Return

Kendo Swivel Chair 4-star Return

by LucidiPevere


Kendo Swivel Chair 4-star Return by LucidiPevere - Hem
The Kendo Chair’s soft, wrap-around upper offers an appealingly ergonomic seating experience. Simultaneously protective and inviting, this design by LucidiPevere offers a shielding shape combined with a gentle embrace. The generous seat is wide and comfortable, allowing you to move freely, shift position, express yourself. Whether around a boardroom or a dining table, Kendo keeps you comfortable for long periods of time. Its sturdy welded frame makes this chair built to last. 

Both Kendo Swivel leg bases are 360° rotational. The 4-star leg base incorporates a return function to keep the chairs perfectly aligned around a table when not in use, while the 5-star leg base has a height adjustable mechanism. All variants are available in powder-coated or polished aluminum.

Designed by LucidiPevere


Both graduated and professionally trained in Milan, Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere started to develop their first projects together since 2003 and in 2006 founded their studio LucidiPevere. They are facing constant challenges using unusual technics and aesthetic means to develop new forms of products.

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