Molino Grinder

Molino Grinder

by Fabien Cappello


Molino Grinder by Fabien Cappello - Hem

Think of the Molino Grinder as a functional sculpture for your tabletop. This super-sized, hand-painted utensil is efficient at granulating salt, pepper and spices, but its blown-up stripy form is a graphic monument for your dinner table, too. Molino is a characteristically exuberant design from Fabien Cappello whose work reflects the energy and vivacity of Mexico, where he lives and works. Each Molino grinder is made from turned solid beech wood and is individually hand-painted by skilled decorators, giving every object a unique character. Molino is finished in a high gloss lacquer.

Designed by Fabien Cappello

Fabien Cappello

Studio Fabien Cappello is a spatial and furniture firm based now in Guadalajara, after four years in Mexico City. The studio first opened in 2010 in London, to produce work in different contexts; from commercial objects to specific editions and public environments. All works share a high consideration for both craft techniques and industrial production, reflecting design through people and their interactions with space, environment and material culture.

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