Monster Rug Medium

Monster Rug Medium

by Siri Carlén


The Monster patterns by artist and illustrator Siri Carlén are playful exaggerations of markings found in nature. And fittingly, these boldly striped and ringed patterns adorn our largest rugs yet. The Monster collection of floor coverings are made to the highest standards; they are painstakingly hand-knotted by skilled makers in soft new wool, meaning that your Monster will be around to offer deep comfort and vibrant color for many years to come.

Designed by Siri Carlén

Siri Carlén

Born in 1986, Siri Carlén is an artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work is best described as tactile, playful, dynamic, and colorful. Throughout her practice – which spans many disciplines including sculpture, painting, textile, and illustration – there are clear signs of human touch, materiality, and production. Since graduating from Konstfack (University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm) in 2015, Carlén has worked as an artist and illustrator. Her work is seen in both commercial and artistic contexts, from prints for fashion and interiors to book illustrations, murals, and most recently, a permanent sculpture park in the southern part of Sweden's largest island, Gotland. Carlén is best known for her drawings in vibrant pastel crayons on black or colored paper, usually with motifs inspired by her everyday life, her family, nature, or classic still lives and patterns.

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