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Offcut Plate

Offcut Plate

by Fabien Cappello


Offcut Plate by Fabien Cappello - Hem

The Offcut Plates reflect the vibrancy of Mexico, where designer Fabien Cappello lives and works: From the layers of colorful glass fused together beneath a luminous liquid-like surface, to the use of waste material as decoration - an inspiration taken from the architecture of Guadalajara – these super-impactful objects reflect the ‘extreme locality’ that influences Cappello’s work. The construction of the Offcut Plates is simultaneously the objects’ decorative feature, with the careful placement of shards of waste glass creating irregular and captivating mosaic-like patterns on the objects' surface.


The plates are unapologetically profuse; large and bold and designed for maximum centrepiece impact. Each boasts an original eye-popping colorway. The Offcut Plates, a signed and numbered edition of 15, are the latest collectible limited-edition object from a collection of decorative accessory objects, produced in collaboration with Modern Design Review.


Please note that no offers or discounts apply to this limited edition item.

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Offcut Plates: </br>Cutting edges with Fabien Cappello
Offcut Plates:
Cutting edges with Fabien Cappello

Fabien Cappello’s design studio sits behind a bright yellow door in a quiet residential neighbourhood of Guadalajara. After moving to Mexico from London around five years ago, Fabien’s design practice has absorbed the singular influence of Mexican culture. His work, which includes both industrial and collectible design, reverberates with an energy that is transferred from street to studio.

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Designed by Fabien Cappello

Fabien Cappello

Studio Fabien Cappello is a spatial and furniture firm based now in Guadalajara, after four years in Mexico City. The studio first opened in 2010 in London, to produce work in different contexts; from commercial objects to specific editions and public environments. All works share a high consideration for both craft techniques and industrial production, reflecting design through people and their interactions with space, environment and material culture.

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