Touchwood Bar Stool

Touchwood Bar Stool

by Lars Beller Fjetland


Touchwood Bar Stool by Lars Beller Fjetland - Hem

Subtle, strong, and elemental, the Touchwood Chair reflects designer Lars Beller
Fjetland’s belief that interacting with natural materials is of huge importance. Neither
unnecessary decorations nor extraneous components should interrupt the simple
relationship between material and user. The beechwood is moulded into a continuous
shape, making it contract grade durable while preserving its flexibility. All variants of
the Touchwood family stack, making them an ideal choice for public spaces or busy
homes. If you perceive more than a little influence from classic minimalistic
Scandinavian design at play in this hardworking, functional chair, you’d be right!
An armchair, counter stool, bar stool and bar chair in a variety of wooden and metal
bases, heights and finishes complete the Touchwood Family.

Designed by Lars Beller Fjetland

Lars Beller Fjetland

Lars Beller Fjetland grew up on the west coast of Norway, where his enthusiasm for design was nurtured along with a lifelong fascination for nature. Fjetland’s work is defined by these two passions, marrying functional Scandinavian design with the power of natural materials. A curious and responsible designer, Fjetland makes sure his products are sustainable and environmentally friendly, with big part of them being made of recycled materials.

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