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Wiggle Box Frame

Wiggle Box Frame

by Soft Baroque


Wiggle Box Frame by Soft Baroque - Hem

With its erratic lines and deeply decorative intention, Wiggle is a picture frame that breaks all the rules. It dares to pull your gaze away from the art it holds. The limited-edition Wiggle frames by Soft Baroque are bold, ornate, unapologetically the main event on your wall. The undulating outline of each of these 25 walnut wood was hand-drawn before being hand-carved and is therefore unique. Wiggle, in all its playful irreverence, is the perfect offering from contemporary design’s most compelling studio; Soft Baroque. Each frame is original, signed and numbered, and comes with a ‘placeholder’ poster.


Curated by Modern Design Review, Wiggle Box Frame comes in a hand-signed limited edition of 25, made exclusively for Hem.
As each piece is handmade, individual differences will occur, making it a unique and one-of-a-kind product.

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Hem X Soft Baroque:</br>For the love of curves
Hem X Soft Baroque:
For the love of curves

One of contemporary design’s most enigmatic studios has turned their attention to a neglected object typology for the latest in our Hem X series of limited-edition accessories. Wiggle by Soft Baroque is a picture frame willing to compete with your art for attention.

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Designed by Soft Baroque

Soft Baroque

Soft Baroque is a design duo founded by Saša Štucin and Nicholas Gardner, which focuses on the exploration of objects and installations that explore a mixture of art and design. The works of the duo, who both graduated from the Royal College of Art in London, have been exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Etage Projects Gallery in Copenhagen, among others.

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