It’s official. Fall is upon us, and we've got the perfect color combinations to set the mood for hosting longer dinner nights with friends and family. From vibrant highlights to calm and serene tones, create new layers of coziness with our spacious Bookmatch Table and elegant comfortable seating with the Touchwood Chair. Get ready to fall in love with fall all over again!

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Big Tables for Big Ideas —
Get Inspired with Hem

We all have our ways of working. Some people like to develop ideas through lively discussions in a group, others feel at their best working independently from their home office or dining table. Whatever your needs, Hem’s got you covered: explore our tables and choose the best fit for yourself.

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Hem X Alfred Sahlén:
Spill & Roll

With Spill Kitchen Paper Holder, Alfred Sahlén created an object that is both highly practical as well as strikingly fun to have around. With its hand-poured and finished aluminum foot at its foundation and a recessed pine wood stick at its core, Spill is robust yet creates a must-have moment for your dining table. Spill Kitchen Paper Holder comes in either an orange or blue stain.

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