We love to see our products come to life in your spaces. To honor your excellent taste in design, we compiled a stunning collection with images created by you that we want to share. Be sure to tag us on Instagram @Hem so we can continue to see how you style our pieces!

On the blog:

In the studio: Formafantasma

Today marks the birth of a new Hem icon: T Shelf, designed by Italian super duo Formafantasma. The T Shelf is a love letter to highly skilled industrial production and a celebration of aluminum: It's cool with a perfectly anodized finish and is very, very strong. As versatile as they are resilient, the T Shelves are available in a range of different sizes and can be connected together to create endless configurations.

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Hem X Jonatan Nilsson:
On the quest for chrome

Designed and hand-made by Jonatan Nilsson, Power Plinth is a confident statement piece unlike any other. This chunky, pearlescent, silvery plinth is made from resin-covered styrofoam and mirror acrylic sheets, juxtaposing density and porosity, embodying the artist's curiosity for materials.

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Big Tables for Big Ideas —
Get Inspired with Hem

We all have our ways of working. Some people like to develop ideas through lively discussions in a group, others feel at their best working independently from their home office or dining table. Whatever your needs, Hem’s got you covered: explore our tables and choose the best fit for yourself.

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