“The Max Table is
Uncomplicated Elegance”

Design Milk

Behind the design

Large by any standards, the three-meter long Max Table and accompanying benches were designed to be at the heart of any space. Max Lamb was asked to create something indestructible, starting with giant, unused core logs. Lamb applied his classical constructivist approach, and his solution shows both technical mastery and flare for the organization of materials.

The more time you spend with understanding how proudly produced and impressively engineered the Max Table is, the more your affection for the product increases. It becomes something you want to surround yourself with, something that grows with you.

— Cristina Poelk, Art Director at Hem

About the designer

Max Lamb

A graduate from London’s Royal College of Art, designer Max Lamb favours a direct, uncomplicated approach, merging traditional craft with digital methods in his designs. Working with natural and honest materials, Lamb’s sculptural furniture often looks like piece of art - but it is also, if not primarily, solid and durable.

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