May 25, 2022

Photography: Ye Rin Mok

Located in LA’s emerging Arts District, we open the doors to our newest Hem showroom with a brand new look! Amongst the newly launched T shelf by Milan-based designers Formafantasma, you’ll find colorful Hem favorites including the Boa Pouf, Puffy Lounge Chair, Monster Rugs and countless more. Come by and get inspired or browse through our bespoke online collection below.

Hem - An image of our new LA showroom from a street view.
Hem - An image of our new LA showroom from a street view.

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689 Imperial St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
United States

(310) 980-3029

Open to the public:

Thursdays from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. PST.

Trade clients:

Please email to schedule an appointment.

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In the studio: Formafantasma

Today marks the birth of a new Hem icon: T Shelf, designed by Italian super duo Formafantasma. The T Shelf is a love letter to highly skilled industrial production and a celebration of aluminum: It's cool with a perfectly anodized finish and is very, very strong. As versatile as they are resilient, the T Shelves are available in a range of different sizes and can be connected together to create endless configurations.

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Hem X Jonatan Nilsson:
On the quest for chrome

Designed and hand-made by Jonatan Nilsson, Power Plinth is a confident statement piece unlike any other. This chunky, pearlescent, silvery plinth is made from resin-covered styrofoam and mirror acrylic sheets, juxtaposing density and porosity, embodying the artist's curiosity for materials.

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Sneak Peeking Puffy

The Puffy Lounge Chair, designed by Faye Toogood, is the first introduction of Hem’s Puffy seating collection, which will encompass a range of chair and stool products, offering a tactile new take on the enduring concept of steel-framed furniture.

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