Coco Table Lamp

Coco Table Lamp

by Simon Klenell


Coco by Simon Klenell is a collection of opaline glass lights, made in non-uniform spheres, which provide a sideways take on a well-loved product typology. With the simple idea of a hand-drawn circle at its heart, Coco has been created to translate the poetic and human qualities of that very idea. Developed as a pendant light of three sizes and as a table light, Coco is both a distinctive decorative piece and a resolutely functional design. It emits a warm and balanced light, ideal for a calm environment, or as part of a broader lighting scheme. The pendant versions utilize a discreet aluminum screw-in fitting, while the table version has a full glass body, with an aluminum base insert and a dimmer on the cable. Coco is an everywhere design, distinguished by its smallest details.

Designed by Simon Klenell

Simon Klenell

Simon Klenell is an artist and glass maker based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Since earning his MFA from Konstfack University of Art Craft and Design in 2011 he has worked as an exhibiting artist focusing on unique art pieces as well as a product designer.

Simon's work departs from investigations of the material's amorphous nature and poetic potential with the aim to create objects outside of the ordinary.

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